Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marital Bliss

Marriages are ought to be sanctified... cherished and meant to last forever. Unfortunately, some couple overlooked the value of Marriage. It cannot be denied that Divorce or Annulment became a trend. One sign of misunderstanding can lead to separation. Some couples are short with patience. Whether celebrities or ordinary people both shared the same dilemma- facing marital conflict and unable to overcome it. This is possible to those who do not considered Marriage as a sacred union... to those who do not have knowledge that what God has bound together shall not be separated. This is the blatant truth that even my own parents is not an exception.  

But how can one stay in marriage when it is already poisoned with infidelity? How can one stand the feeling of animosity caused by broken vows? Sometimes, patience became devalued when overcome with the issue of trust and fidelity... 

Of course no marrying couples want to end up on this kind of dilemma. Our last recourse would be entrusting to God our partner that they should be His chosen one or else...

What an insightful Saturday!

Note: That pic was of my parents... the only one that's left, it was torn by the flood for the second time

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Grace said...

Hello Jackie! Thank you for your comments in my blog. I hope you are enjoying swom. I do enjoy being there meeting new people plus of course earnings while talking with them. LOL! I really hope you too find it beneficial for you. If you have any questions about it just let me know.

And thank you for dropping by at my blog. Hope to see you again soon. :)

dan said...

there was a time when people got married for love, i hope that time will come back again soon

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