Saturday, July 24, 2010

BC Blogger: Level 4!

I am very much thankful with BC Blogger, because through their help I was able to gain a PR2 rank. However, I was not able to maintain it thus my rank now became N/A- and I do not have an idea what made it so...

But I did not lose hope for I know I can retrieve it with their help. Joining BC Blogger 4 is a great opportunity for me to gain more friends and more ex-links perhaps.... 

So, join with us, let's count ourselves in spreading the good news! 

Check out for their Application Form and head on to Paula's Place for more of the info!

BC Blogger is now leveling up! Don't miss this chance!

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Maria Magcauaus said...

Hey girl! My unsolicited piece of advise; post meaningful entries. Content is king sabi nga nila sa SEO books. If you post puro lang paid entries, Google will kind of downgrade your grade, you can also schedule two posts for a week para naman hindi ka maubusan ng sinasabi. Often ang problema ng blogger kung ano ang isusulat nila sa blog nila, it could be anything, basta schedule mo na lang para di ka stressed out. Hope it helps! God Bless!

kimmy said...

good luck on that!

Nelgin said...

Go Jack! 'wag mawalan ng pag-asa hindi pa huli ang lahat...magiging level 3 ka pa niyan..hehehe..

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