Thursday, July 1, 2010

TT: P’Noy’s Time

Honestly, I did not vote for him. When he took the lead during the canvassing, I am still doubtful of him. But considering that former President Erap was next to him, I rather have him to lead Philippines then.
Looking back…

I was born under the Marcos regime, but it was only through my History class that I learned about him and his achievements as will as his downfalls… I was in elementary when former President Ramos took an oath after President Cory Aquino’s term… then came President Estrada on his short term as he was toppled from his office for plunder case. Then GMA took over and successfully extended her term after winning the 2004 Presidential election.

Looking forward…

As P’Noy (his prefarabble way of addressing him) delivered his inaugural speech, I was impressed somehow of his promises and advocacy. His inaugural speech was the first one that I had witnessed (through the television) and I have no basis of comparison with those past presidents. P' Noy was so blatant on his message that he mentioned it boldly before the crowd. All his negative observations against the past administration was very well said. As if hitting the concerned people right on their face, he did not not show any fear of doing so. 
We, Filipinos are all fed up of those promises, but this time let us all cross our fingers in prayers that what P'Noy had promised will come into reality. May his administration marks a new beginning and a blessed hope for us all. We deserve a good governance, we deserve a faithful ad transparent government.
I am confident that God brought P'Noy on his present situation right now for a very definite reason... Let us be thankful for all the things that God is about to reveal to us through P'Noy's administration...
Let us be positive this time and let no doubts and apprehensions overwhelm us.
Let us support on his advocacy and let us always include him in our prayers.
It's P'Noy's time!

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