Thursday, July 15, 2010

TT: Service

Photobucket"Our first ministry should be our family"... this resounding truth lingers in my mind... And I know I heard it right... since my Ate left for Canada to join her hubby, it was only me, my Mama and Tatay who were left at home but in most cases, it was only the two of them since I am renting an apartment near my workplace. That is why every time I got the chance to be home, I tried to be of service to them especially to my Tatay who went through an Alternative Medication for his diabetes. Tuesday night, right after our Bible Study with my Nav's family, I went home (Thanks to Noli and Dahly for a free ride). I had a massage session with my Tatay and Mama... I enjoyed the moment knowing that they both wanted it so much. My Mama is now the Personal Caregiver of my Tatay. She personally administer the medicine and prepare the Boiled Puso sa Saging (hehehehe... how should I translate that? Banana's Heart?) There's a lot of foods to avoid. He only allowed to eat sweet potato (camote), uncooked banana (cardaba), soya milk. He also has to take molasses and honey, good thing his stomach easily adjusted. He is not allowed to drink milk, juice and coffee, he is not allowed to eat meat and preserved foods. No MSG, and a lot more. All vegetables and fruits are okay for him. My Tatay, or my Mama rather, should follow all the instruction given by the Doctor. He needs to undergo total cleansing which will last for a week. This alone already cost us almost 4K (thanks to the financial supports of my sisters). While massaging my Tatay, I declared healing through my payers. I know that through faith, he will be completely healed and by God's grace. 

Thank you as well for your prayers... 

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jo.attalife said...

Lord, please strengthen Jackie's parents, and may You keep and protect them. Thank you for a daughter who knows You, and therefore knows to love and support and honor her parents out of obedience to You. Thank You that You promised to give her a long life for her obedient heart.

Denise said...

Praying for your dear family, asking God for total healing.

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