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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Account of A Desperate Woman...

Call me desperate... yes I admit, I am. I am desperate to lose weight... I am desperate to gain height, I am desperate to work abroad, I am desperate to find a really stable job. All this desperations cause me stress. Yes, by just merely thinking about it, it stress me a lot. While it's true that I should not worry about my tomorrow for it is already in God's hand but human as I am, I cannot help it but wonder and ask-how long should I wait for God to reveal His ultimate and perfect plan for me?

My thought really wonders specially now that I was stranded again by the heavy downpour, but yes that's how I felt right now... 


  1. hi jac,

    musta na? don't be so stress--ang ato beauty madaot unya ma'am. its been a long time and sorry karon pako paramdam ha.haskang busyha sa kalibutan of a working mother and blogger .

    musta life in cdo? i am pretty sure God prepares something for you--stable enough to keep you smile all day but at His own perfect time.

    Keep going, ur doing great!


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