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Monday, July 5, 2010

MYM: My Dear Pamangkin... (Nephew and Nieces)

Well, this MYM, I am proud to feature my nephew and nieces. They might be quite unruly when they are all together but somehow, they brought joy in our almost an empty home. Their presence spell simple joy that money can't buy. They have different personalities yet each one of them complement each other... Like any other kids, they fight each other, hug each other, forgive each other and above all, l♥ve one another...

In spite of their different personalities, they have something in common: they just can't get enough with Pooh! (and I am one of them!)

They are my precious pamangkins... I l♥ve them so much...



  1. hi sis! ka cute ba kaayo sa imong mga pag umangkon oi... ;-)

  2. jud sis.. mga artistahin pa jud na sila (maayo man ug acting skills) hahahahaaha...
    thanks ♥

  3. Gorgeous!

    Please come and see my Father & Son for MYM.


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