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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Unlovable Me

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Hello there! I so miss this Thankful Thursday meme. Considering that it's the first of August, I would like to thank God for the past seven months of sustaining us and giving us more reasons to be hopeful for; to have a brighter tomorrow with my family. Actually. I've got countless of challenges but amazing indeed our God is because He never leave me at all despite the fact that I am so stubborn minding MY own way. 

I've been trying to fool myself by being so hypocrite with the realities in life. Well, actually, I was just in the state of denial that life is quite rough for the past days. But like what I have said, God sustained me all the way. If I will be likened to children in  a family, I am the black sheep. I decided on things abruptly. My hubby was even complaining about it. I am always impatient with the things that I want. Good thing I am still aware that what I did was wrong, an indication that I am not yet completely lost on Him.

God the Father is not like some of those biological fathers who can afford to abandon their children. But sometimes, this kind of truth spoiled me in one way or another. Since God loves me that much and without condition, I can be myself, my stubbornness and my impatience are the living proof that I am such a spoiled brat. However, God, just like any father, also disciplines His children so no wonder why I went through such ordeals: to teach me a lesson. I am a teacher but yet I've got a lot of lessons to be learned.

So if I have to enumerate the things that I should be thankful for, first on the list would be God's unconditional love for me. There are times that my Mom made me feel that she doesn't care about me anymore, God didn't. I oftentimes put the blame on Him when I am so down with my life accusing Him of being so unfair and yet He never fails to remind me that what I was thinking was wrong. God is love. Yes I know that, maybe I just have to tame myself from being so self-centered sometimes. Spoiled as I am, I want to have the things that I want in the time that I badly need it. And God has His way of disciplining me. He allowed me to cry, to feel bad and when I am through with all these "emotional tantrums", God uses someone to remind me that He loves me, the whole ME, unconditionally.

How about you? Share the things that you are grateful about and link it on Thankful Thursday hosted by Grace Alone.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday: God's Plan

Perhaps, one of the things that I should be thankful for is the fact that I am still alive today and that I can still think logically and come up writing this post... 
This week isn't really as perfect as I thought it would be. But all that starts well should ends well.

I am so preoccupied with the thoughts of earning more by doing online jobs like article writing and with the help of some co-blogger friends I was able to get opportunities from Direct Advertisers. But then, reality bites, everything is indefinite. And I realize I should not fully rely on it. It has been my prayer every now and then that God will bless us abundantly... that there will be financial breakthrough for me and my hubby... That's it. My mind is so engrossed with finding part-time jobs.

Then the truth occurs to me. I made it a point to present such request to God yet I deliberately do it on my own, unable to wait for His go signal. I decided on my own, work on my own, forgetting the faithfulness of God... I prayed yet I did it my way. So selfish, so impatient- that's me.

God's Promise:

Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Yes, indeed, I kept on claiming this Words over and over again. In fact, I included this on the header of this blog to remind myself always. But sometimes, anxiety overwhelms me especially now that my due date to give birth is approaching and I can't help it but worry a lot... But still, at the back of my mind, I am holding on to God's promises... His plans for me are not finished yet... HE still have a lot in store for me. I should learn to wait. I should hold on to my faith. I should not allow anxieties to shake me nor threat me with the bad thoughts that isn't happening yet and never will... I may be unfaithful, but God will forever remain faithful on his Words and promises for me...
Thank you Lord.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

TT: God's Creation

I am back from a three-day conference. Such experience was very worthwhile especially on the last day during the Team Building Session... The place where we stay is a secluded tourist spots that has the wonder of God's creation! The tall pine trees, the cool wind and the thick foliage in the forest is a great evidence of God's goodness. The place was located in      the mountain... though not literally on top of the mountain but the fact that it is overlooking, it equally meant the same. We've been to Forest Parks and Dahilayan Zip Zone... I may not able to conquer the longest zip line but at least I made it to the two shorter ones. The experience was indeed so memorable though I have difficulty convincing myself not to feel any fear... When I was on the top, The view below me is so wonderful, beyond description. I just hope they will preserve it. In Forest Parks, we truly enjoyed taking pictures with their sculpted animals of different specie. 

The three day conference is a rigid task but the camaraderie among the participants makes the whole activity so fulfilling... 

More pictures will be uploaded soon.... 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

TT: Coming Back To The Heart of W♥rship

Many times I've wrote about how I grew weary on my walk with God. Many times also that I was reminded by God that apart from Him I am absolutely nothing. So many times I failed God, and for  countless times I directed my life on my own. I became shortsighted of the glory of God. I thought He is no longer mindful of me. I even came to a point of blaming Him for the bitterness and emptiness I felt within me. It was so shameful of me to feel such thing against Him...
Then God revealed something to me... I cannot run away from Him... No matter what will I do with my life, He will be looking after me, He will not forsake me. Oh hallelujah! How can I be so proud of myself that I forgot my real identity before God!

Last Friday, during an overnight fellowship with my fellow youth, I am so ashamed in facing God. I cannot afford to look straight unto Him. I felt like I do not deserve for His mercy and glory anymore, but somehow, God said on His words, in Romans 8:1- THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION... Wow! That was exactly the words that He gave me when I kneeled before Him for forgiveness...

I am so thankful for the relief that morning! Yes, I am coming back to God, like what the prodigal son did to his father... I am coming back to the heart of wrship!

God's tender mercy is new every morning! His steadfast love never ceases! Glory and honor be upon Him and only Him! Amen.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

TT: God's Unfailing Love and Goodness

I just want to thank God for His faithfulness and enduring love. He never failed me...  
I am so hard-headed... yet He still loves me...
I disobeyed... He still with me...
I procrastinate... He remain patient on me.
I was so down, He comforted me...
I was hurt, He healed me.
My future seems uncertain but in His hands, I don't have to bother anymore.

Thank you Lord for your unfailing love.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

TT: The Beauty of Silence

Silence.It's deafening. It communicates. It gives a message. This Thankful Thursday, I am struck by the beauty of silence. Yes, it has a beauty that only  few were able to recognize. 

This morning, I am too preoccupied of the things that needs to be done. I am so busy doing multifarious tasks. My mind keeps on working, extracting the right words to put on my paper. The clock runs so fast that I felt like I am always racing against time. Deadlines are imminent... Demands are too many. Schedules are too loaded. My mind wants to explode, to shout and to beg for air to breathe. Then I realized, I do not need to do that. I realized the value of SILENCE. Why should I worry much? why should I forced myself to finish the things that is beyond my grasps? Why do I work like there's no more tomorrow. It seems like God reminded me on His still small voice to remain calm and just be silent. I need time to listen to that voice... and the only way to hear that is to be silent. Yes, a moment of silence.

Thank you God for the reminders. :)
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

TT: Service

Photobucket"Our first ministry should be our family"... this resounding truth lingers in my mind... And I know I heard it right... since my Ate left for Canada to join her hubby, it was only me, my Mama and Tatay who were left at home but in most cases, it was only the two of them since I am renting an apartment near my workplace. That is why every time I got the chance to be home, I tried to be of service to them especially to my Tatay who went through an Alternative Medication for his diabetes. Tuesday night, right after our Bible Study with my Nav's family, I went home (Thanks to Noli and Dahly for a free ride). I had a massage session with my Tatay and Mama... I enjoyed the moment knowing that they both wanted it so much. My Mama is now the Personal Caregiver of my Tatay. She personally administer the medicine and prepare the Boiled Puso sa Saging (hehehehe... how should I translate that? Banana's Heart?) There's a lot of foods to avoid. He only allowed to eat sweet potato (camote), uncooked banana (cardaba), soya milk. He also has to take molasses and honey, good thing his stomach easily adjusted. He is not allowed to drink milk, juice and coffee, he is not allowed to eat meat and preserved foods. No MSG, and a lot more. All vegetables and fruits are okay for him. My Tatay, or my Mama rather, should follow all the instruction given by the Doctor. He needs to undergo total cleansing which will last for a week. This alone already cost us almost 4K (thanks to the financial supports of my sisters). While massaging my Tatay, I declared healing through my payers. I know that through faith, he will be completely healed and by God's grace. 

Thank you as well for your prayers... 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

TT: P’Noy’s Time

Honestly, I did not vote for him. When he took the lead during the canvassing, I am still doubtful of him. But considering that former President Erap was next to him, I rather have him to lead Philippines then.
Looking back…

I was born under the Marcos regime, but it was only through my History class that I learned about him and his achievements as will as his downfalls… I was in elementary when former President Ramos took an oath after President Cory Aquino’s term… then came President Estrada on his short term as he was toppled from his office for plunder case. Then GMA took over and successfully extended her term after winning the 2004 Presidential election.

Looking forward…

As P’Noy (his prefarabble way of addressing him) delivered his inaugural speech, I was impressed somehow of his promises and advocacy. His inaugural speech was the first one that I had witnessed (through the television) and I have no basis of comparison with those past presidents. P' Noy was so blatant on his message that he mentioned it boldly before the crowd. All his negative observations against the past administration was very well said. As if hitting the concerned people right on their face, he did not not show any fear of doing so. 
We, Filipinos are all fed up of those promises, but this time let us all cross our fingers in prayers that what P'Noy had promised will come into reality. May his administration marks a new beginning and a blessed hope for us all. We deserve a good governance, we deserve a faithful ad transparent government.
I am confident that God brought P'Noy on his present situation right now for a very definite reason... Let us be thankful for all the things that God is about to reveal to us through P'Noy's administration...
Let us be positive this time and let no doubts and apprehensions overwhelm us.
Let us support on his advocacy and let us always include him in our prayers.
It's P'Noy's time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TT: Going Deeper

Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience

"To go deeper is a choice". that's the line of my friend Leah when she gave her message yesterday during our Wednesday Fellowship.

Yes, that it absolutely true. God gave us this freewill-our freedom to choose. There is a price that we need to pay if we opt to go deeper, according to her. Prices like patience, endurance, determination, and FAITH. She emphasized FAITH. Going Deeper is a STEP OF FAITH. Again, I agree with her.

Faith is the ABSENCE OF FEAR. Unlike FAITH, fear will crippled us- disabling us to do what we ought to do (in accordance to God's will)... On the other hand, faith will move us and allow us to do what seems to be impossible... FAITH originated from God, and with God NOTHING is impossible.

And so now, I need that kind of faith. Now that I am about to take a greater challenge ahead of me, I need a multiple dosage of faith to enable me to do what seems to be impossible... With this amount of faith I will be able to get empowered without a hint of fear nor doubt...

Going deeper is a LEAP of faith... I need to make that choice.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TT: Being Thankful

I've got a lot of things to thank God for:
1. for the life of Meryl Ajan who committed her time to study the Word of God with me through PDL series;
2. for the opportunity that God entrusted on me to share His message of Patience/Impatience to my fellow brethren;
3. for my Lighthouse family and their prayers;
4. for the wonderful things that God has in store for me... for the things that is yet to come...

I am positive and firmly believe that something good is about to happen to the community and to our nation as a whole right after the national election. (AMEN)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Psalm 119: 105- Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

How powerful is the Word of God? It's beyond measure! It pierced through one's soul and it strike hard when you are being hit. It is in the Word that we find the truth... It is in the Word that we are being reminded, reprimanded and commanded to do what is just and right before God.
I am thankful for His Word... His Word is a revelation... An eye opening... Indeed His Word is a lamp to my feet so I will not stumble and a light for my path so I will be guided.

 Psalm 119: 9,11
 9: How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.
11: I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

His Word is not just an ordinary text, it spells a life everlasting.

God bless everyone!
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

TT: Gift of Friendship

Pray for Denise & Eddie

I've been following Denise' blog lately and I learned that his husband went through some great challenges, a sort of a barometer of their  faith...When most of us were so overjoyed celebrating Christmas and New Year, these couple shared a different story. But that was more or less three weeks ago. God never leave them. Her lovebug is under therapy right now and I am asking you to please include them in your prayers.

In moment like this, it feels good to know that God lead us to the kind of people who are willing to walk an extra mile just to be with us in our adversities. This is one thing that we should be thankful for...

The Bible emphasizes the beauty of friendship.... In Proverbs 18:24 it says,

 24 A man of many companions may come to ruin,
       but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.


How about you, have you found the real people in your life?

I truly admire the kind of faith that these couple have... Please continue to pray for complete healing.
God bless...


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Friday, December 25, 2009

TT: Contentment

It is by mere truth that good life is not measured by our material possession but it is justified by our impact to other people...

This Christmas season let me share with you the First Christmas, the day when Jesus was born...



Hristmas is a special time. It is a family celebration. It is glorified in the home because it is the celebration of a birthday.
            Christmas means different things to different people. Many are more concerned to hear about their PROFIT from Christmas than to hear about the PROPHET from Bethlehem.
            Those who celebrate without CHRIST in their lives write “Merry X-mas”- signifying an unknown God.
            Instead of imbibing (absorb into mind) the spirit of Christmas, they chose to imbibe (drink) spirits of Christmas.
            We can’t  have a Merry Christmas or a happy new year when we have become slaves to the passions and vices that hound us-materialism, money, and artificial pleasure. They are crowding CHRIST out of Christmas.
            Three Phenomena the world experienced more than 2000 years ago:
First: The Star- the light that points us to the real Light but sad to say that we focused our eyes o the stars and not on the True Light born in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:2)
Second:  The New Song- The whole world took up a new refrain “Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth peace, goodwill toward men.” (Luke 2: 13-14). But people prefer to hear other songs, sad songs, cynical songs, angry songs, songs worshipping Satan and other things.
Third:  The Good News- The Savior has come “He shall be called Jesus for He shall save His people from sins (Matthew 1:21)
          Jesus was the central theme of that first Christmas. The star, the song, the gifts, the joy, the hope and the excitement- all were because of Him.
            Do you know who put the first Christmas tree? God did it on Calvary. On this tree hung the world’s greatest love gift- His Son.
            He chose to hang His greatest love gift on a tree because Satan using a tree deceived our first parents. He restores men with a tree (cross)
            There were no pretty lights on that  tree- but light was there- because the source of light hung on that tree (John 1: 4,9/ 8:12), (Luke 23:44-45)
          Wrapping on this wonderful gift was His own precious blood.
            We had a spiritual disease, which is called sin. JESUS CHRIST had a great deal to say about sin. He came on that first Christmas night to save His people from their sins. Only Jesus can heal the disease of sin.
            Christmas is not a Christmas without a message on the death and resurrection of CHRIST. This is why He was born.
            Christmas still reminds us that God is with us.
            So when you look at the Christmas tree think of the first Christmas tree.
Color red stands for His precious blood He shed for you
Color crystal for the precious water of life
Color silver and gold reminds you that we were not redeemed with corruptible things, but His precious blood. Remember Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver, just for His redeemed ones (us) to walk on streets of pure gold (heaven).
Color green points us to the tree of life where our names are written.
            The Christmas message has not changed after 2000 years.
            God revealed in that life, death and resurrection of Jesus a reconciling love which rescues us from separation and loneliness. Christ is here to give us hope, to forgive sins, and to give us a new song, to impart faith and to heal our spiritual wounds if only we will let Him. Give Him the gift that HE wants- your heart, your soul and your life.

Light came, with one faint star
To show the way;
With one small cry, the Word
Lay speechless in the hay;
Love came and was rejected
At the inn;
Purity was born into the world of sin;
Song woke to the barnyard cluck
And bray and bleat;
And common shepherd knelt
At Sovereignty’s feet.

If you have nothing to give this Christmas, worry not because Christmas is not about gifts.... It's about having the right attitude of understanding the significance of the season...
God bless

Thursday, December 10, 2009

TT: Compassion

Yes indeed! It's not enough to feel it, we must do something to justify that compassion we have for OTHERS... I was really very thankful of the message God brought to us through our Elder on our church last night during our mid-week fellowship. The given account on the bible was about the Good Samaritan. It's another reminder for us that sometimes in our lives we could be like the man lying helplessly on the streets being robbed, wounded and almost dying. We might have  experienced the lowliest moment in our lives where nobody else seems to care about us. Unexpectedly, God uses people whom we least expected. Just like the Good Samaritan who shows real compassion to his "enemy" (being a non-Jewish). Real friends can only be known in time of adversities in our lives. People whom we expect to uplift us  might be the same people who will abandon us when we need them the most (just like the priest and Levites on the parable). Let's stop living in hypocrisy... Compassion... it's not just a mere feelings... It's something that needs to be act upon.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

TT: Trust

Trust is something that is so difficult to build yet will likely take  seconds to destroy. Maybe for some people, but definitely not for God.  The recent flood that occurred on the city lately was really quite devastating. There were casualties being reported while others were forced to leave their homes. I could hardly sleep last night because I was really disturbed by the heavy downpour. I was so worried about the condition of our office, I can imagine files being drowned, tables overturned, equipment soaked and muddy floors. That was really a horrible night for me upon entertaining all those negative thoughts. I HAVE BEEN PRAYING, in fact I was really crying before God, desperately begging Him to hear my prayer. I prayed for the rain to stop, but it didn't. I then started to question my trust on Him. How could He shut His ears from me? What have I done that He cannot say YES to my prayer. All I know was that, God answers prayers in three different ways, YES, NO (for a very valid reason) and WAIT. I can't take NO for an answer nor a WAIT considering the worst condition. The rain did not stop until morning but  the water at the school did did not subside yet so still we were stranded. I know I have no right to question HIM and I know that He allow things to happen for a reason. After that night I felt so ashamed before God, for questioning Him. I should be thankful instead that He spared my family from any untoward incidents other than flood that reached on the floor level of my brother's house. I should be thankful instead that the flood was nothing compared to what happened at Northern Luzon last month. Sometimes, we are too self-centered that if we felt God is not listening to us, our faith and trust on Him waivers. I felt so bad about myself because of that. Good thing our God is a God of Mercy. Thanks be unto Him forever.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

TT: Strength

 The level of our physical strength depends upon the kind of loads (physically) that we carry... How about the level of our emotional and spiritual strength? Those are the kinds of strength that cannot be measured by our physical prowess. Maintaining a strong and balance emotion is quite an effort. When we are face with great challenges, it is through emotional and spiritual strength that we can overcome the impossible. Of course that strength shall come from God alone, because apart from Him we can do nothing! I'm so thankful to God for giving me enough strength to fulfill my task this week- a kind of task that if done carelessly may cause a force eviction of myself  from Big Brother's house lol!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

TT: Patience

Patience is a virtue thats what we commonly hear from those people of great wisdom. And I would say, it's absolutely right! As the new semester unfolds, this is one thing that I need to develop: PATIENCE. I'll be meeting new sets of students with different abilities, attitudes and perspectives in life. Another challenging yet fulfilling experience for me. As usual, I need to do my job well, not only as their teacher, but someone whom they can talk to, run to and shared to with their ups and downs in life.  That's what I usually does. I captured their heart as much as possible. There were students who made a lasting impressions in my heart. Those kind that listens and take heed to my advices.  I thank God that HE blessed me with the kind of heart who knows how to listen, how to feel and how to be just being real. I am not perfect, but at least with my imperfection, I am able to emphatize and symphatize with them. Today is the first day of my class! May God bless me and equipped me with wisdom and strength for the hours, days, weeks, months and years ahead!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

TT: Second Life

I can't imagine how God loved me that much that aside from the fact that He save me from the eternal condemnation upon surrendering my life to Him, He gave me a second chance to live my life to the fullest! Yes I was referring to my SECOND LIFE. I WROTE about this before, my experience that was quite scary one November day... It was 2nd of November 2005. Because of that experience, God made me realize that I still have unfinished business here on Earth that until now I tried to contemplate if exactly what it could be. But again, I am very much thankful because I have the chance to fulfill my task here on Earth that God is yet to unfold before me.. i might be struggling on some areas but God keep reminding me that I need to pursue because that is exactly the reason why He spare me on that very fateful day of my life.
Glory be upon Him forever and ever!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TT: Perseverance

Another weekly edition of Thankful Thursday and I'm so excited to share about the things which takes a lot of patience to fulfill... Perseverance is such a word that is easier said than done...Only those who persevere were able to fulfill the desires of their heart... Though it's hard to admit but this is one thing that I need to work out in my life... PERSEVERANCE!
I'm still thankful that God is using a lot of people to remind me to grow up and build perseverance within me...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TT: Greatest Love

As I watched this, I can't really help it but cry... Such a great video of a father's amazing love to his physically challenged son! Despite his heart condition he didn't refused to the request of his son to join in a triathlon... Wow! indeed this video is very heartwarming, uplifting and so inspiring...
Just like this father whose willing to sacrifice everything for his dear son, our Almighty Father also did the same! More than we could imagine! No matter how unfaithful we could be, his faithfulness and love for us remains forever.. It's unconditional... it knows no end... it's simply amazing!How thankful i am to have such a loving Father whose heart never ceased to love me despite my shortcomings!

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