Thursday, November 12, 2009

TT: Patience

Patience is a virtue thats what we commonly hear from those people of great wisdom. And I would say, it's absolutely right! As the new semester unfolds, this is one thing that I need to develop: PATIENCE. I'll be meeting new sets of students with different abilities, attitudes and perspectives in life. Another challenging yet fulfilling experience for me. As usual, I need to do my job well, not only as their teacher, but someone whom they can talk to, run to and shared to with their ups and downs in life.  That's what I usually does. I captured their heart as much as possible. There were students who made a lasting impressions in my heart. Those kind that listens and take heed to my advices.  I thank God that HE blessed me with the kind of heart who knows how to listen, how to feel and how to be just being real. I am not perfect, but at least with my imperfection, I am able to emphatize and symphatize with them. Today is the first day of my class! May God bless me and equipped me with wisdom and strength for the hours, days, weeks, months and years ahead!

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i said...

A great post! I too am still learning to have patience :-) Happy TT!

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