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Monday, April 2, 2012

PacMan is the Man!

I am impressed by the sudden change that PacMan revealed to the public. His revelation about his newly found faith was for me, the greatest prize that he could ever received in his whole life. I am also impressed his boldness in sharing it with others during his shows and ambush interviews. I can also feel his sincerity. Indeed, God's time is the perfect time. PacMan's life is indeed gearing to the right direction and I would like to congratulate him for that...

The book of Second Corinthians 5:17 clearly emphasized that "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone the new has come". That is exactly what Manny Pacqiuao was trying  to show to us. He lived as an example by surrendering all his vices. That could only mean NO MORE POKER, NO MORE COCKFIGHT, NO MORE OTHER WOMEN and I just hope that there'll be NO MORE BOXING (If he wants to live longer with his family). We could only hope and pray that it is for good.

Go go go PacMan, you're the man! God is with you all the way, just keep the faith.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Nanay Alice!

An epitome of grace and beauty... She might grows another year older but her faithfulness in God never withers nor falter. That's Nanay Alice.

I've known her as a woman who has the passion to serve God and others. A loving mother to all and a doting grandmother too. I never regretted the day I first joined the Lighthouse Iponan exactly one year ago. The feeling of being at home and being taken cared of are just some of the things that you can feel when you have Nanay's presence at home.

To you Nanay, we love you and we are praying the best for you!
Continue to live a purpose-driven life.

God bless.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Beauty of Faith

Each one of us has a story to tell about our life... some may have a quite similar stories but all are unique as to intensity and as to the delivery of the role each one played. I just admired those individuals who went through life in great adversity but yet was able to stand up by faith and trust in Our all-knowing God. The maturity of a person will help him in coping up with all the negatives in life he might deal with. If one is not mature enough, a minor problems can be as hard as solving the x in Math equation for Math-hater individual. I have known a lot of them and it was never difficult for me to recognize because I can relate with them- I am just like them.I cannot really brag to myself that I am matured in dealing with problems, I am just good in giving advises for others but hard to convince myself when I am on the same situation.
Just this afternoon, I have talked to a colleague of mine. The things she went through as a Mom is not an ordinary story. As I listened to her, the beauty of faith was reflected on her. I cannot imagine going through on the same situation. But her faith was so admirable. With her experience, one cannot expect that she could survive the ordeal. But God isn't finish with her yet... She has to live because she has a purpose to fulfill. 
To you Ma'am Naomi, continue to live for His purpose and by His purpose...
Keep the faith!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TT: Going Deeper

Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience

"To go deeper is a choice". that's the line of my friend Leah when she gave her message yesterday during our Wednesday Fellowship.

Yes, that it absolutely true. God gave us this freewill-our freedom to choose. There is a price that we need to pay if we opt to go deeper, according to her. Prices like patience, endurance, determination, and FAITH. She emphasized FAITH. Going Deeper is a STEP OF FAITH. Again, I agree with her.

Faith is the ABSENCE OF FEAR. Unlike FAITH, fear will crippled us- disabling us to do what we ought to do (in accordance to God's will)... On the other hand, faith will move us and allow us to do what seems to be impossible... FAITH originated from God, and with God NOTHING is impossible.

And so now, I need that kind of faith. Now that I am about to take a greater challenge ahead of me, I need a multiple dosage of faith to enable me to do what seems to be impossible... With this amount of faith I will be able to get empowered without a hint of fear nor doubt...

Going deeper is a LEAP of faith... I need to make that choice.

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