Thursday, November 18, 2010

TT: Coming Back To The Heart of W♥rship

Many times I've wrote about how I grew weary on my walk with God. Many times also that I was reminded by God that apart from Him I am absolutely nothing. So many times I failed God, and for  countless times I directed my life on my own. I became shortsighted of the glory of God. I thought He is no longer mindful of me. I even came to a point of blaming Him for the bitterness and emptiness I felt within me. It was so shameful of me to feel such thing against Him...
Then God revealed something to me... I cannot run away from Him... No matter what will I do with my life, He will be looking after me, He will not forsake me. Oh hallelujah! How can I be so proud of myself that I forgot my real identity before God!

Last Friday, during an overnight fellowship with my fellow youth, I am so ashamed in facing God. I cannot afford to look straight unto Him. I felt like I do not deserve for His mercy and glory anymore, but somehow, God said on His words, in Romans 8:1- THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION... Wow! That was exactly the words that He gave me when I kneeled before Him for forgiveness...

I am so thankful for the relief that morning! Yes, I am coming back to God, like what the prodigal son did to his father... I am coming back to the heart of wrship!

God's tender mercy is new every morning! His steadfast love never ceases! Glory and honor be upon Him and only Him! Amen.

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