Friday, November 26, 2010

GT: What We Most Love

I am a certified shopaholic but not with apparels... Every time I went to the mall, I always go to footwear section, not for heels but for flip flops. I do have lot of slippers. I love to wear flat footwear.

I also love to go to cosmetics section. My latest craze for now was treatment for my hair. I am desperate enough to revive my hair the way it was a decade ago... Due to chemical treatments it became damage. Anyway, I was able to manage it (though I've got a lot of falling hair now). I am still hoping the most suitable hair product for me. I am using L'Oreal with anti-frizz formula as of now, hopefully it will work this time. Speaking of L'Oreal by the way, have you tried their Super-blendable blush on? I did, and I can guarantee that you will really love it! it's price plays around P 850.00 -900.00 but it's for long use! It comes with a compact mirror and a brush.

When I am in the mood of buying apparels, I always go for jeans. I love to buy those petite type. I seldom shop for bags, I just borrowed from my Mom (she's a collector anyway).

See that slippers on the upper right side of the mag? That's one of my favorite!

Well enjoy shopping for this GT Thursday!

It's so nice sharing it here anyway... 

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kim said...

hmmm.. not much on footwear, i can survive with just a pair of shoes for the entire year, lol!

shawiegirl said...

hi there! flipflops are a sure hit nowadays, i love it too! gotta try that l'oreal blush as you've suggested. i'm your newest follower,do visit my site too!have a great day!

Mel_Cole said...

Is that Haviannas sis? I am not into flip flops now coz its winter here.

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K said...

that blush on is expensive! LOL. well, at least for me. i hardly buy make-up now, i still use the old ones i have when i was still working at the office. they aren't used up still because i rarely use them :P

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