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Thursday, November 18, 2010

GT # 1: Domestic Diva

T'was my first time here to share with the Girl's Talk...

For this week's theme: Domestic Diva. I cannot really relate that much. The truth of the matter is that- it was only my Mom who has the heart to shop for our home kitchen utensils. Well, actually, I did brought home once a set of decorated glasses which I really found to be so attractive, however, my Mom didn't like the color that much. She opted for clear glass design while I go for those somewhat with abstract design. I am more particular of the design really. What I commonly purchased on the kitchenware section is coffee mugs. I love coffee, and I specifically love big mugs. The mug I am frequently using right now is from Avon. It was actually owned by my sister but she gave it to me before she left. What I love most about it is the spoon and the cover. However, the spoon got broke. Another thing that I love buying on the kitchenware section is the water bottle. How about you?

my kind of coffee mug...


  1. eii Sis welcome to GT.. enjoy!! ^_^

    nice mugs!! am sure you would have a lot of coffee on that!!! hihi

    Happy GT

  2. i'm also a mug person, what with my fondness for hot chocolate drinks :D

    it's one of the things i always look for din in this particular section of the grocery, even though i already have a mug. hee hee

  3. hmmm.... I'll try to dig unto this too, if I have my house na.. mine is posted at Woman’s elan vital

  4. Ang cute nang mugs mo. There's a slot pa to insert the spoon. Very nice and cool.

    My Girls Talk

  5. oh, i love MUGS (and glasses actually), especially those fancy mugs some companies give away for promotion. i have a mug collection, sadly they're running low right now, lol!

  6. hi there,welcome to GT!really nice mugs! i love it coz i'm a coffeeholic too! :)

  7. Hehehehe... It reminds me how my mom and I argue about my graduation dress. She like one thing and I like something else, were like that in almost everything. Gotta love her, she's the awesome mother in the whole world! for me... = )


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