Thursday, December 2, 2010

TT: God's Creation

I am back from a three-day conference. Such experience was very worthwhile especially on the last day during the Team Building Session... The place where we stay is a secluded tourist spots that has the wonder of God's creation! The tall pine trees, the cool wind and the thick foliage in the forest is a great evidence of God's goodness. The place was located in      the mountain... though not literally on top of the mountain but the fact that it is overlooking, it equally meant the same. We've been to Forest Parks and Dahilayan Zip Zone... I may not able to conquer the longest zip line but at least I made it to the two shorter ones. The experience was indeed so memorable though I have difficulty convincing myself not to feel any fear... When I was on the top, The view below me is so wonderful, beyond description. I just hope they will preserve it. In Forest Parks, we truly enjoyed taking pictures with their sculpted animals of different specie. 

The three day conference is a rigid task but the camaraderie among the participants makes the whole activity so fulfilling... 

More pictures will be uploaded soon.... 

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Jerralea said...

I am often filled with thankfulness when I see God's creation! How can anyone not believe when they see His beautiful handiwork?

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

Dena E's Blog said...

I sooooo get what you mean Sweetie...GREAT Photo too..
God is just the Ultimate Decorator isn't He!!!
This is my 1st Thankful Thursday so I'm visiting some..
God"s blessings on you today and throughout the weekend too!!!
Hugs Dena

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