Thursday, December 23, 2010

GT: Fun Fun Fun

The Repeat Performance ;)

The Support Staff- The Ultimate Performers
During the Christmas Party that we organized for the support staff of the school last December 17, 2010, there was a repeat performance of the dance we choreographed during the Annual Fellowship on December 15. Due to the limited space in our office, they were asked to perform by group. However, we were not spared with the dance number and we have no other choice but to dance. ;) 

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The Joyful Crafter said...

Being in the company of people you enjoy being with never fails to bring smiles and laughters to our faces.

Great dancers you have there!
Happy New Year!

Here's mine:

K said...

looks like a lot of fun! it's great that you and your officemates have bonding times like that. makes you a better unit methinks :)

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