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Thursday, July 21, 2011

GT: Birthday Wish

I am finally back to the Girls Talk meme after such  along absence. 

In barely two months, I will finally bid goodbye to the twenty-age years of my life. I'm gonna be 30 then by the grace of God. I know God has a lot in store for me especially now that I am an expectant Mom. My only wish then for my upcoming birthday is to give birth to a healthy baby in normal delivery when my due period comes by January next year. Yes, that is exactly my ultimate wish. I have lots of anxieties for the days to come but I should have surrendered it all to God. If I will completely rely on what I felt, I know it will really have a negative impact in the end. So I should trust God fully for He is in absolute control.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

GT: Work Resolutions

Well, I've got so many things to resolve on my work habits for this year and hopefully until my retirement period. I have this "ningas-kugon" syndrome. It's a Filipino idiomatic phrase which describes a person who do not persevere on his goals/ objectives/ plans/ etc. The energy level took its tool at the start of the plan or task but eventually diminish after a shorter period of time. I have a lot of things on my mind that I want to do. Lately, I became so disorganized that I do not know which should comes first and all. Every task given was urgent and well, I am diligent enough to finish it. One thing I noticed was that I have this objectives laid down on my mind and by the time it was implemented , it really works however, I just cannot maintain such energy level for long. Another thing was that I used to procrastinate the things that are not really urgent but significant to my job. My mind was so preoccupied of so many things. Well, actually, I am too busy with few unimportant things.

Below are the lists of the things that I should keep on doing in order to make my work organized:
  1. Update my data base of files received and files forwarded for easy reference when needed.
  2. Actual daily accomplishments to keep track of my improvement.
  3. Weekly monitoring of updates from different offices.
  4. Daily post for my blog ;)
  5. Paradigm shift of the way I think, do and say.      
I just hope I could overcome such bad habit and continue doing what is need to be done.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

GT: Health Resolutions

I claimed this year 2011 as the year of fulfillment to all my dreams and aspirations in life. There are lots of them actually but I am only counting on the big ones. But of course, no matter how I planned and planned for my future, it's God's plan that should prevail, He is in total control anyway ;).

One of the things that I should look forward to for this year is losing weight. I've been quite desperate to achieve this since time immemorial ;) I love to eat that is why it is quite difficult for me to get my targets. However, I can feel the urgency to do so considering that gaining much weight will likely cause some unhealthy symptoms of this and that. I started getting my morning walk late last year but again it was stop for so many reasons. The determination diminished? Well, people just got too busy last year that waking up early in the morning becomes a tedious routine. But for now, I tried to revive that determination or else I will never get to my target for this year... 

This should be my health resolutions and I should make it a point to be consistent of the things that I planned in order to achieve it.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

GT: Fun Fun Fun

The Repeat Performance ;)

The Support Staff- The Ultimate Performers
During the Christmas Party that we organized for the support staff of the school last December 17, 2010, there was a repeat performance of the dance we choreographed during the Annual Fellowship on December 15. Due to the limited space in our office, they were asked to perform by group. However, we were not spared with the dance number and we have no other choice but to dance. ;) 

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