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Thursday, January 6, 2011

GT: Health Resolutions

I claimed this year 2011 as the year of fulfillment to all my dreams and aspirations in life. There are lots of them actually but I am only counting on the big ones. But of course, no matter how I planned and planned for my future, it's God's plan that should prevail, He is in total control anyway ;).

One of the things that I should look forward to for this year is losing weight. I've been quite desperate to achieve this since time immemorial ;) I love to eat that is why it is quite difficult for me to get my targets. However, I can feel the urgency to do so considering that gaining much weight will likely cause some unhealthy symptoms of this and that. I started getting my morning walk late last year but again it was stop for so many reasons. The determination diminished? Well, people just got too busy last year that waking up early in the morning becomes a tedious routine. But for now, I tried to revive that determination or else I will never get to my target for this year... 

This should be my health resolutions and I should make it a point to be consistent of the things that I planned in order to achieve it.