Monday, January 3, 2011

The Disadvantage of Living In The Outskirt of the City...

I slept late last night because I was hooked in playing Burger Machine. It was almost 12 midnight when I retired to my bed. Then past 2AM my Mom woke me up. She felt bad again and she's complaining about dizziness. She has history in high blood pressure. I was left with no choice than to drag myself up and have some quick fix of myself. I called up the guard house hoping to get a taxi for city bound. Unfortunately, there was no available taxi so we need to walk for almost half kilometer to reach the guard house. Our home was located at one of the subdivisions in Iponan, CDO quite far away from the high way. It was almost 4AM when we finally got a taxi. We went first to the pharmacy then to the Polymedic Hospital for BP. The nurses monitored a normal blood pressure of Mom. Maybe because before we went to the hospital she already took some medicine. 

A realization came upon us. For emergency cases, it is really difficult for us who are living in the outskirt of the city where vehicles are not really that accessible. I am hoping and praying that we could acquire one soon. This was not the first time that it happened to my Mom. I am still thankful to God that He guided us all the way.

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