Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Hope

Last year was full of promises...
I supposed this year will be the year of fulfillment.
God promises as for a better future and I do trust and keep my faith on His words.
I've already said before that I went through a lot last year. I have endured all those mixed emotions...
I thanked for having a blog because this was my outlet for every suppressed emotion... I have posted all my frustrations here and even all my successes. 
I know how faithful God is in my life despite the fact that I have been unfaithful to Him.
He promoted me, he answered one of my long time my prayers.
I can feel how he ordered my steps. I can be likened to the lost sheep and yet He keeps on finding me, taming me and accepting me over and over again.
I was so blessed with the message yesterday given by our Pastor- the generational blessings of God to Abraham. God clearly illustrated on His Words how he always kept His promises in spite of the disadvantageous economic situation or societal condition. Indeed, our God is an awesome God. He is always in control... in total control.

I lift up to Him my year 2011! To God be the glory!

Happy New Year brethren!

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