Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You Not Threatened By The Global Warming?

This morning, my phone alarms at 5:30 but I noticed that it is yet too dark to wake up. So I just simply turned it off and went back to sleep. When I wake up, it is already 6:30 but still it seems like much earlier than the actual time. I was left with no other choice than to get up to prepare for work. After taking a bath I made a cup of coffee and a bread then went off for work. The rain shower compelled me to take a tricycle from my place to MetroBank which is just few meters from the school.

The climate now is indeed unpredictable. Such climate change brought noted disasters on some areas not only here in the Philippines but on other part of the world. The very evident of it is the global warming which causes colder region to experience El Niño and the tropical region with La Niña. Call it human factor but it is still a fact that human have greater contributions in the sudden change of the climate. We cannot deny it that unconsciously we became part of the reasons why we experienced such dilemma. And yet we are the first to complain.

Some people have learned their lessons while others are still unmindful of what has been happening around him. Protecting our Mother Nature has become a slogan anymore. Allow me to quote a particular comment posted by a certain fellow named  "Curt" two years ago on the issue about Climate Change and I quote: 

"I see this events just as a 'political spin' or 'marketing spin' of how to buy more time for not acting and not taking any responsibility, at all. Sadly, very many people are going to die and suffer a lot, before there are going to be greater changes about this topic, if ever. Every single week new coal power plants are opening all over the planet, millions of new cars are sold, thousands and thousands of new factories are opening in developing countries, huge forests are cut, etc. President George W.Bush is not supporting, President Vladimir Putin is not supporting, China and India are not supporting, Gordon Brown is not supporting, etc. 
Very sad, but true."

Indeed, very sad, IF true.

There might be some actions taken but do you think we can still really save Mother Earth from its ultimate destruction? Let's include that in our prayers.

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Mommy's Memorandum said...

I stumbled this post. I believe there are things we all have the responsibility to do; I also believe Mother Earth goes through cycles. ice Ages have come and gone

Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Sometimes I think its real, sometimes it all seems like bluster! said...

stopping by from STT to stumble your post - I have to say that I'm on the fence too... I've read a ton about the cyclical nature of the earth, but I know that we're speeding up processes by not being as careful as we should - great post

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