Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WFW: Hebrews 2: 1

Yes indeed, sometimes the reason why people became disoriented and confronted in a chaotic situation was that they easily believe on "hearsays". We should be keen enough in filtering all the things that we hear. Even if the one telling it claimed his statements to be a fact, we must still search for the truth. People are bound to commit a mistakes. We must receive wisdom and discernment from God in believing one's story or statement.

 I do believe that one reason why there are so many religious affiliations/denominations nowadays was because people believe on the traditions they have grown up with. They merely believe on the concepts and instructions given by their elders without taking time to search for its credibility. As a result, they acquire the kind of faith that was apart from the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Like what Hebrews 2:1 says, we must pay the most careful attention, therefore to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. 

Always refer to our Life's Manual which is the Bible. As we all knew, the Bible has the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

God bless everyone!

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Dorie said...

Yes, you are right - we must always hold what we hear up to the Word of God - the source of all truth.

Susan said...

Amen, powerful word and truth.

It's so easy to drift away.

Have a blessed day today♥

ozjane said...

without an anchor our boat of life has no hope. Praise God He is the anchor of our souls.

lori said...

Ahhhh yes's so easy to drift when we take our eyes off Jesus!


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