Friday, April 25, 2014

We’re going to Bohol

It has been seven years already since my last visit in Bohol. That was when my grandfather died. Barely a month ago, my Mom went to Bohol with my uncle and aunt to visit my grandma who was admitted to the hospital. While they were there, my grandma mentioned that she wants all her grandchildren to visit her this May. My Mom, being the closest to my grandma told us then to heed my grandma’s request. That is why we are going there by middle of May. However, I just hope that that will not be the last that all of us will have a get-together with my grandma. I am praying for her good health and more years to come in her life. I am kind of excited for it. I still have my class during that time but I will hold classes during Saturdays so I could make up the whole week that I will be absent.

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