Friday, April 25, 2014

Add Moldings to Your Wall with Foam Crown Molding

MoldingsBestDoing a home renovation right now entails a huge amount of cash. As for me, I really want to have a total home makeover but I just do not have the said amount. I wonder if there is financing institution available that could help me with all my plans at lower interest rate. I want a simple yet elegant design. I doubt if I could achieve that for less amount. I want to put moldings on the ceiling corners just like the design I saw being featured in an Architectural magazine. I read about foam crown molding from and how it could help in adding beauty to the home interior. It is designed for people who loves “do-it-yourself” thing.  It is easy to install and you can paint your design by either using brush or spray paint. It also comes in various sizes. Hmm maybe I could make use of it to somehow give beauty to my interior.

Painting method:

Foam Crown molding is affordable thus I do not need an assistance from any financing institution anymore. Well, not unless I want to pursue that total home makeover.

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