Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to enjoy everyday life?

For sure you cannot hear a positive response if you ask such questions to people who went through a lot. People who experienced financial crisis, terminal diseases, emotional turmoil and a whole lot more.
But, is it really possible to enjoy our everyday life? The answer is YES. Personally, I do not live a perfect life. I have my share of frustrations, depressions and even stubbornness. I frequently complain about the harshness of life. Generally speaking, I do not live an enjoyable everyday life.
But guess what, I found myself dumbstruck when I read about the word ‘CONTENTMENT’. Honestly, such word is easier said/read than done. But that’s the exact reality of life. If we have CONTENTMENT, we’ll be able to live an enjoyable everyday life. I have known about it before, somebody told me about it but I choose not to believe it yet.
How to have real CONTENTMENT in life?
  • Trusting God for anything and everything that we do.
  • Keeping that faith that with God, everything is possible.
  • Believing in your self that God enabled you to do all those things.

So now, is it possible to live an enjoyable everyday life?

I can hear you saying YES

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