Saturday, April 26, 2014

Are You a Dog Lover?

If you are a dog lover and currently have one or two at home, you ought to read this.

Dogs are man's best friend. Before, I am not totally convinced it until I have known one dog whose loyalty to his owner is immeasurable. One day, the dog undergo treatment of fleas so he was not allowed to enter his owner's home. His owner talk to him instructing him not to set his foot inside the house because of his condition. The dog was quarantined for a week. Then here comes Holy Week. The owner told the dog that he will be away for three days. As if the dog understood what he was trying to say, the dog left with a sad face. 

When three days was over, the owner was so excited to go home. While preparing his things to go, he received a call from a concerned neighbor informing him that his dog was dead. His world was seems to crashed with the news. He believed that the dog went through some depression because of isolation and perhaps also because of his health condition.

Now, that is not a make-believe story, it is definitely true. Have the owner find ways to treat his dog from fleas infestation without necessarily isolating him, the dog could have been still alive until now. 

There are available flea and tick control for dogs that is very effective and safe even if the dog will stay inside the house. You can find them online through browsing sogeval products at Like human, dog deserves protection and equal pampering from owners. 

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