Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Got New Badge Courtesy of my student!

I would like to thank my dear stude, Raven for taking time to create this badge.. I really long for this...
Up for a Link Exchange? Would love to exchange links and/or badges with you! Let me know so I can link you up too!

God Brought Me Here for a Reason

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july_blogista said...

te jackie..i have abadge as well..courtesy of myself..wahahah..mad eit.walay lingaw trip lang pud..and mao napud ni aku meme..heheh! te, ask ko bah, how did you make that box nga naa sulod ang code?enx..

Karen Chayne said...

sis i had tried copying your badge code pero walang lumalabas na badge only yung words na God Brought Me Here For A Reason. please check it out on my badge roll.

Raven said...

ma'am sorry jud keu namali ko...naa ra ang code ma'am...

Namali nako ang script para sa picture ky nagdali2x ko....kato ra ichange ang katong gibutang nimo sa imong sidebar....sorry jud

Raven G. Duran said...

And to Kayce this is how you can have a grab my badge widget for your blog:

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