Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TCP: The Bourne Supremacy

Wow I am so excited of this week's TCP! I love Matt Damon's acting prowess. And for today's episode, I go for the Bourne Supremacy (the sequel to Bourne Identity) The effects were really great! If you have seen it already and barely remember the story, here is the synopsis:

The Bourne Supremacy (Widescreen Edition)Two years after the events in The Bourne Identity, Bourne and his girlfriend, Marie Kreutz, are living in Goa, India. Bourne is beginning to recover some of his memories, and he is troubled by disjointed flashbacks of an assassination he carried out in a Berlin hotel. Meanwhile, in Berlin, a CIA officer under Deputy Director Pamela Landy is trading $3 million for the "Neski Files", documents about the theft of $20 million from the CIA seven years earlier. During the exchange, a Russian assassin named Kirill arrives to intercept the selling. He plants two bombs in the basement electrical circuit: one on the main and the other on a subline with Jason Bourne's fingerprint. The bomb on the main line kills the power while Kirill kills the agent and the source, and steals the files and money, which he gives to Russian oil magnate Yuri Gretkov. Kirill then travels to Goa to kill Bourne, but Bourne flees with Marie. As Bourne and Marie are driving away, Kirill fires a sniper rifle at the car that kills Marie, and the car veers off the bridge they are on into a river. Kirill leaves, believing that he killed Bourne. Bourne manages to swim away undetected, leaving Marie dead in the river (after unsuccessful mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). He then burns all of Marie's passports and pictures except for one picture showing both of them in an embrace. He also clears the house they lived in, taking all of the notes that Bourne used to dictate his dreams. Bourne travels to Italy to learn why he is again being targeted... click here for more
Craving for more? Here's the trailer:

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rossel said...

i love the bourne series. i've seen bourne identity, bourne supremacy and bourne ultimatum. you can see my entry here...

kimmy said...

i love jason bourne, lol! nice pick!

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