Saturday, September 5, 2020

Introducing CANVA App!

My tasks in school is not only limited to teaching. I was also the designated Records-in-charge, BAC Secretariat, LIS Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, and on top of that I was also tasked to layout tarpaulins, Certificates, cover pages, Presentations, video editing, Brochures, Signages, etc. Before, I used to be the SMEA Coordinator, LRMDS Coordinator, and Assistant ICT Coordinator. Indeed, my hands are quite full when it comes to school tasks. But am not complaining because every task taught me new lessons.  

For lay-outing tasks, I use the Photoshop as my tool for editing, and mind you, I only learn such skill when I first came to DepEd. My first principal tasked me to layout a Souvenir Program and saying NO would never be an option. Though, I was a bit pressured during that time but I’m happy because it paves me the way to acquire such skills. However, Photoshop editing is quite tedious because you really have to start from scratch. There are also lots of areas that you need to take into consideration when designing- from the background element down to the minute details. Good thing I stumbled upon CANVA, an online editing app that really works greatly! I got the idea during one of the webinars sponsored by our Division Office. Honestly, I still have a lot to learn about this but I really started loving it and I’m sure that even those who got no skills in photoshop will have the same feeling about Canva. It is so easy to learn.

This is among the designs I’ve created with CANVA:
Birthday Card

You can also create cover pages design, Facebook cover pages, certificates, and a whole lot more! It comes with elegant pre-designed templates. 

Interested? Download the app now!

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