Saturday, September 5, 2020

Happy World Teacher's Day!

Today, September 5, marks the start of the monthlong World Teachers' Day celebration. I just want to tell the whole world how grateful I am for this profession. But first, allow me to share my journey in choosing my would-be profession.

I remember back in my childhood days, every time my teacher asked what would I like to become when I grow older, my answer was 'to become a lawyer'. Yes, I really wanted to become a lawyer. I just find it so challenging. When I reached high school, there was a change of mind on my choice of profession, that time, I decided to become a teacher. That was what reflected in my yearbook. However, when I started college and enrolled in Architectural Drafting, my heart yearns for Architecture but our resources didn't pave the way so my LAST RESORT was to proceed Education courses. Yes, that was my last option, my one, and only option. Indeed, in 2002, I graduated with a Bachelor in Technician Teacher Education Major in Architectural Drafting. But guess what, it never sinks into me yet after the graduation that I am leading to the teaching profession. In fact, it took me two years before I decided to take the Licensure Exam, which was 2004. Then finally, I got my first teaching job (by force) at Mindanao Polytechnic State College (now USTP), my dear alma mater. I was really reluctant to take the job but my alter ego told me to do so, to face the reality that I am fated to teach. My first year was a roller-coaster ride. I was only a page ahead of my students. But with the full support from my colleagues, who were my teachers before, I was able to embrace my profession with all my heart! I taught for 9 years in college before I decided to enter public high schools. I noted the difference between teaching secondary and tertiary, it was so challenging but somehow manage to overcome it. Now, I'm more than 5 years already and yes I am proud to become one of the catalysts of change among the life of my students!

So, to all my fellow teachers worldwide, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!

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