Saturday, September 28, 2013

Looking Forward For A Package From Abroad

My sister- in- law is so excited because my brother who is working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia will be sending her a complete set of personal computer for their kids. My nephew who is in 7th Grade right now really needs to have one because their old PC isn’t working properly anymore. Since my nephew got a lot of school requirements that needs internet research, he has to spend an hour or two in the internet cafĂ© every day.

My brother told them that the package will probably be shipped within two months because express shipment that will only take a month is very expensive. I was wondering then what would happen to the package for such longer period of shipment? Anyway, if the courier company is using the appropriate packaging for shipping, then maybe items as delicate as PC will be safer. Hopefully, the company uses anti-static foam to keep the package really safe.

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