Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Desperate Blogger No More

I've been blogging for more than four years already and still I have so many ups and downs just like any other blogger. Before, I used to write as passionately as I can with so many thoughts and ideas in mind. However, as time goes by, such passion slowly wanes. I did not actually lost the passion to write, I am just quite desperate because little by little, opportunities gone. Unlike before, I seldom received writing opportunities from DA's and review sites now. I honestly envied those bloggers who got handful of writing tasks. They even hired ghost writer to finish numerous tasks on time. The more they brag about it, the more desperate I become and the more I questioned my writing skills.

Then, as if answering such inevitable question that keeps on haunting me, I stumbled upon this post from a certain blogger- Falling into the trap of comparison. When I read the post, I found myself guilty somehow. Now I realized the source of my frustration, I used to compare my blog with others which should not be done by me. The author stressed on his blog that comparing is not fair. Of course it's true! Bloggers have different skills, have different sources of inspiration and one should stick to it instead of comparing with others.

Realizing it all leads me to one decision: I should stop comparing my blog. From now on, I should write not because I need to, I will write because I want to. I will speak my heart and mind out. I should not be envious anymore with my co-bloggers. If opportunities won't come, ACCEPT, if it does, I will be more than glad BUT I should not allow myself to be desperate anymore because no one notices my blog. I should be writing willingly and straight from the heart.

If you want to read the post that I am referring to, click here. :)

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