Thursday, September 26, 2013

Intramural's 2013 Happening at MUST

This week is a fun-filled one with the celebration of our school's Intramurals with the theme: Heroes Revolution. I didn't really joined the fun because I was stuck at the office checking my student's projects. On my way out, I read this tarpaulin and I might as well share it here:)

What's the advantage for this year's Intrams was that the Gym was already available for use. Unlike on the previous years, we have to rent for almost a hundred thousand to Lim Ket Kai Atrium for the cheer dance and the MUST pageant. And oh by the way, speaking of MUST Pageant, I am so proud of the newly crowned Ms MUST, she was my student before in High school. Danica Tacbas is very intelligent girl and she truly deserves the crown!

The Intramurals will commence on September 28, 2013. Be there and have fun!

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