Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finally Got My PRC License

Last September 11, I filed for renewal of my License at the PRC. I am so glad that finally I was able to do it. I supposed to have it renewed on the year 2010 but for some personal reasons, I opted to delay the renewal and I can't believe it took me three years before I finally have it. Because of that lapses on my part, I wasn't able to apply for the government, which I regretted so much. I just realized the importance of being in the government and I knew I've lost so much opportunities.

Now that I have my renewed license, I am hoping and praying that I could make it in the next ranking schedule. I am praying for God's favor. I need to work it out before the next summer. I love my current job right now but I don't have a security of tenure, I don't get paid during summers and worst of all, it's a no work, no pay scheme. I've wasted a lot of time before realizing the importance of having a permanent job.

I am declaring that the year 2014 IS MY YEAR, The year when I'll be hired in the government, the year of financial breakthrough! Yes, Lord, thanks for your provision. I know I can do all things with the strength coming from You!

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