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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The LiveCycle ES2 Enterprise RIA Certification Exam Requires Hands On Experience

A unique feature of the Apple Logic Pro 9 certification pathway is the ability to earn a master certification, the highest level of certification that Apple has to offer. Unlike the other certification programs, this one combines two certifications into one and offers a higher professional status, which can succinctly demonstrate your abilities to perform the related tasks and be considered as an expert in the product suite. Becoming a master looks great on a resume and is a great way to show your full expertise of the Logic Pro 9 product suite.
What’s also unique is that no additional exam needs to be taken. Once participants have taken the Level One and Level Two examinations and earned those certifications, they will automatically have earned the master certification. Information covered by these certifications will relate to the features and processes of the digital audio editing and MIDI sequencing application, including Training courses and other resources are available to guide your preparation, while all exams must be taken at an Apple Authorized Training Center.
A master certification is also available for the trainer versions of the Logic Studio certifications. It can be acquired in the same way – by passing both the Level One and Level Two trainer exams. Individuals interested in teaching the Logic Pro curriculum as a certified industry professional should look into the trainer program that Apple has available.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Want Technology Updates?

Getting fresh news of the wired can be easily accessed through the net (of course). However, as to the reliability of the information that you can get from the source,we need to be careful. We need to assess if the content of the site is reliable. We can read news online that are full of relevant information to the topic of our interest just like Technology subjects. We can have all the information we need with just one site wherein you can have an update about the technology world, it's latest update, it could be about business, social media or internet marketing. I have stumbled upon one site that have it all, check and see for yourself.

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