Friday, October 29, 2010

Life Oh Life!

As I was contemplating on how life can be so challenging that it consumes all our patience, it made me think about those who couldn't care less about it. Sometimes, I came to a point of choosing between living carefree and living in accordance to the standard of the society (those that are said to be legal and appropriate). I am actually experiencing hollowness deep within me... I am confused once again.

There's one thing that I want to give up but I do not know how should I go about it. I am totally out of control with my life right now. I want to scream for being so dumb... for acting like a numb.

Reality bites once again that sometimes, we tend to forget ourselves and our identity. We lost composure. We forget the basic principle.

I hope and I wish to forget everything but I can't...

How I wish life is like an audio player on which it can be rewind. 

But that's not how life was made of...

The truth remains: Life is how we make it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Are You A Certified Coffee Drinker?

Guatemalan Coffee
Love coffee?
I am a certified coffee drinker, or shall I say addict? How about you? I started my day by sipping a cup of coffee (after getting up from bed) and sometimes, I ended up my day doing the same. I used to be a milk drinker but as I grew in age, I shift to coffee. I really love coffee. My Mom used to tell me that it is not good for my health, but I think otherwise. Coffee is a good source of anti-oxidant and it perks up my day. As time develops, coffee evolves from the simpler two-in-one to assorted flavored coffee. The rich aroma was still there but with a hint of flavors. Coffee shops business flourishes because the people behind it realized how coffee makes a lot of money. Here in Cagayan alone, people are excited for the opening of the newly constructed coffee shop that is said to be the first in Mindanao. It is not only local residents who are certified coffee drinkers, even foreigners loves the taste of our coffee here. I have tried native coffee as well that is made out of rice or corn and it taste good as well and with added benefits too. I  already tried capuccino, pandan coffee and other flavored coffee but there's one thing that I find so interesting- it's guatemalan coffee. Sounds new? Find more about it, right here.

Shoot Me: The Chubby Me!

No matter how busy we are, we should not forget to take a pause for awhile and pose before the camera!

Say cheese!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WFW: Hebrews 11:8

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buy and Sell?

Trading is an art of buying and selling commodities. In the early years of civilization, we adopted the Barter System which is done by exchanging goods without involving money. As the trading system develops, it introduces the Buy and Sell system. It now involves money as an exchange for the goods being bought and sold. In this kind of trading, big capital money is needed in order to go on with the business. An entrepreneur will buy goods and then sell it for a minimum interest for profit. Big investments mean big profit if handled properly. With the booming technology we have now, it greatly affects the trading system. Buy and sell can be done via online. One of the famous buy and sell website is the It is proudly managed by a Filipino. By the name itself, indeed it is “ayos dito” (it’s good here). As I look further into the content of the website, you have a variety of choices as to what to buy from what they are selling. The good thing about the site is that they almost have everything you need from small gadgets, bags for sale and to real properties. I was even amazed with their apartment for rent. It’s more than buy and sells business; they are also functioning well as online classified ads. Basically, is your one stop shop wherever you are in the Philippines. Their items to be sold are categorized per region so shipment is never that difficult for you. If you want to sell something, just post an ad by simply filling up their forms. By the way, I love pink, in fact I was so fascinated with the featured laptop and apartment posted at Check it out.
NEO Vivid v2120- Php 18K
Stingray Apartment-Php 15K/month


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mortal Sin

I cannot contain my emotion yesterday when I read degrading comments on fb of  the ex-gf of my colleague against my board mate/room mate/colleague and close friend rolled into one (complicated huh?). Personally, I am sensitive/reactive type of person. I do not want any of my friends to be treated that way. Jealousy or rather insecurity was the main reason why the said ex-gf posted nasty comments on the wall. But she never admitted as being insecure to my friend (in contradict to what she had posted on the wall). With all those comments and reactions, I considered her so pathetic. She's gone beyond professionalism with what she did. What a mortal sin it is to look down on someone. Nobody has the right to do so. All of us must remember that we are not all perfect therefore we have no right to degrade any person for any reason.


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