Friday, October 29, 2010

Life Oh Life!

As I was contemplating on how life can be so challenging that it consumes all our patience, it made me think about those who couldn't care less about it. Sometimes, I came to a point of choosing between living carefree and living in accordance to the standard of the society (those that are said to be legal and appropriate). I am actually experiencing hollowness deep within me... I am confused once again.

There's one thing that I want to give up but I do not know how should I go about it. I am totally out of control with my life right now. I want to scream for being so dumb... for acting like a numb.

Reality bites once again that sometimes, we tend to forget ourselves and our identity. We lost composure. We forget the basic principle.

I hope and I wish to forget everything but I can't...

How I wish life is like an audio player on which it can be rewind. 

But that's not how life was made of...

The truth remains: Life is how we make it.

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