Friday, October 1, 2010

September Mourns...

Life is a trust... Life is a test... and Life is a temporary assignment. That's one of the topics of Rick Warren's Purpose- Driven Life book.

This world is not for us to live eternally. We are not designed to live here for a lifetime. We are all designed to live eternally in heaven, where we truly belong. However, losing someone while still here on Earth is something that could really affect us.

September mourns... It mourns for some people who bid farewell for good on this temporary world... Death is inevitable, nobody is spared from it. I knew the feelings of losing someone dear to us. It takes time to recover from longing. The last time I lost my grandpa a couple of years ago, it was really a very sad experience. If time will come that we will be on our death bed, what would be the impression that we are going to leave  to our family and friends? Nobody wants to think about it... Nobody cares. 

My condolence to one of our Lighthouse member, Ate Dahlia whose mother died this week, and to Sir Timoy, our Choir trainer,  who died from cancer.

Indeed, September mourns for the bereaved family.

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Junneth said...

Life is fleeting. We are just pilgrims of this world, our residency is in heaven. It is God's grace. My mom died of cancer too so sad for us because we will be missing the. Better for them because they're time of labor is over. Their purpose has been accomplished!

Jackeline Salva Cagas-Paraiso said...

yes indeed, ms. Junneth. I do agree with you

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