Friday, October 22, 2010

Wanna Earn 5,000 Entrecard Credits?

When I was still new in the blogosphere, I browsed every possible opportunities that will help me in promoting my blog then I stumbled upon the At first, I am quite doubtful if this site could really help me but still I signed up. To my amazement, I earned credits through my fellow bloggers who will drop on my entrecard widget. Through this also, I befriended and followed most of them by dropping back on their entrecard widget. Recently, launched a contest with a very easy mechanics. All you have to do is just simply post a review about entrecard which will earn you an amazing 5,000 credits! Really very simple! Just like what I did right now! Everybody has the chance to earn the credits. So what are you waiting for, start writing now!

For more info please visit

By the way, here's my latest Entrecard update:
Quickstats (last 30 days)
513 credits in your accountcredits to advertise on your blog-/-
10/12 cards you dropped today/all0/28 cards dropped on you today/all12 credits earned via drops
0/0 clicks via ads you placed0/0 clicks from your blog to others0/11 clicks from to you
ads you bought218 ads bought from youcurrently running ads

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