Saturday, October 16, 2010

PhilStar Headline: Powerful typhoon nears (as of 12:00AM)

Weather forecaster Mario Palafox shows the position of typhoon Megi as it heads across the Pacific Ocean toward the Philippines on a TV monitor at the Pagasa office in Quezon City yesterday. BOY SANTOS
Yesterday, my boss asked me to research on news about an important issuance through the Philippine Star news dated October 14, 2010. However, I cannot access to their Archives unless I will register, and so I did. I was thankful then because having been registered, I can have a daily servings of fresh news through their news updates emailed to my account. 

This morning, I received my first automated email from them. I was glad because honestly I am not really updated with the news before unless I will watch news on television. Their headline for today's news is about the predicted powerful typhoon called "Bagyong Juan" (international name: MEGI) that may hit Northern Luzon and other neighboring provinces anytime this week. Such news was really alarming and worth to be spread out so that others may know.

I was thinking then of updating this blog with daily servings of major news or headliners from them.

Let us also pray that Typhoon Megi will have a change of course away from any landmarks in or outside the Philippines. We've been through a lot last year with Ondoy and Pepeng... Let us pray that Juan will not bring any destruction. God will listen.


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