Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Song...

Strumming for God
Meet the Composer, the Singer and Museikcaj



Lord, i've been calling you

in the wilderness

Seeking for Your comfort

In midst of tears

My life is of constant struggle

filled with emptiness and trouble

Please hear me my Saviour!


Oh God, Our Sovereign God

Your love,

unfailing love

Take me back to Your arms

and Hold me close

Never let me go!


You've been so faithful to me

Yet i neglect You

I'm so carefree...

I thought the world is mine

but it's just a deception on mind

It's You i needed most!


iT'S You alone

wHo can Love me!

despite the things i've done

You still care for me

It's You alone

whom I should serve

I will love You eternally!!!! :)

(this was my original composition-as to the lyrics)

Music by einuj

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