Friday, May 22, 2009

The Moment of Truth...

Wow... as I gathered the words to write on this blog, I just can't hold my tears... then i asked myself, why do I cry? I should be happy after all... God has been so faithful with His words, indeed, His plan is to prosper us and NOT to harm us...But why do I felt this kind of emptiness, this kind of feeling that I never felt before...This has something to do with the previous blogs I've wrote... YES, this is the moment of truth... Separation Anxiety, that's it.. i have this anxiety within me now... But I guess this is normal after all... Everybody would feel the same way if given the same situation... Yes, it's not that easy... I should have known this before... I know God will comfort me, as He always does... As of now, I don't have the courage to say that I'm feeling okay because I just can't lie to myself, neither to my heart... This is between me and God... He brought me into this situation for a reason... Everything will work out just perfectly fine... Yes, He is not finished with us yet... This is my waning period, i need to get used to this... but this shall come to pass... Soon, God will reveal His entire plan not only for me but for both of us... I will hold on to God's promises... I can bear all these things through His strength... Yes I Can!

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