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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Moment of Truth...

Wow... as I gathered the words to write on this blog, I just can't hold my tears... then i asked myself, why do I cry? I should be happy after all... God has been so faithful with His words, indeed, His plan is to prosper us and NOT to harm us...But why do I felt this kind of emptiness, this kind of feeling that I never felt before...This has something to do with the previous blogs I've wrote... YES, this is the moment of truth... Separation Anxiety, that's it.. i have this anxiety within me now... But I guess this is normal after all... Everybody would feel the same way if given the same situation... Yes, it's not that easy... I should have known this before... I know God will comfort me, as He always does... As of now, I don't have the courage to say that I'm feeling okay because I just can't lie to myself, neither to my heart... This is between me and God... He brought me into this situation for a reason... Everything will work out just perfectly fine... Yes, He is not finished with us yet... This is my waning period, i need to get used to this... but this shall come to pass... Soon, God will reveal His entire plan not only for me but for both of us... I will hold on to God's promises... I can bear all these things through His strength... Yes I Can!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Separation Anxiety

What is Separation anxiety? google tells that Separation anxiety is a developmentally normal characteristic in infants and toddlers younger than 4 years upon separation from their primary attachment figure. Mild distress and clinging behavior are anticipated for short periods of time when young children are separated from their primary caregivers (attachment figures)oops...but i'm not a child anymore then why do i felt this way? hmmm... can somebody give me a warm and comforting hug please......................

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