Thursday, April 16, 2020

ODB Series: Finding Joy and Claiming God's Promises in His Words

Our Daily Bread Reflection:

When have you experienced joy in reading the Scriptures? What can help you regain your hunger and thirst for God?

We experienced real joy when we put into our heart what we read in His Words. I am somehow have that guilt feeling today in my heart. When other people have been spending their time reading the Scriptures and fervently asking God for this pandemic to be gone, I find joy in spending my time doing the things that I love to do- more of movie marathon, mobile browsing, eating, sleeping and less of praying. No wonder I easily get stress, becoming more irritable and very anxious of what's been happening now because I failed to surrender my time to God. But then God never allow me to fall continually to Satan's bait. Right this instant He reminded me. Out of the blue I have this realization. I'm totally grateful to God's faithfulness in my life even if I failed Him for countless times.

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