Saturday, April 22, 2017

Frustrated Chef

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See, what I am talking about?
When it comes to the area of cooking, I truly admire my Mom. From my favorite dishes down to my sweet tooth cravings for desserts, she almost knew everything. I could only wish passing down such skills could be as easy as learning the ABC's. Now that I am a Mom of three, I am actually trying to be that skillful Mom in the kitchen as I could be. I often watch cooking demo in YouTube channels, I also asked those colleagues of mine who are equally gifted about some recipes. However, during my attempts to become one good cook, I always encountered failures- though I have always been told that it is part of the process of acquiring knowledge, it really saddened me. Wish I could have my Mom's ability.

Image may contain: food
My own version of macaroons
Nevertheless, no matter how much of a failure I could be, that feeling of being appreciated for my efforts by my children is already an achievement for me. When I hear my daughter says "hmm yummy" it somehow inspire me to learn more and to strive harder to really make it perfect next time. I know it's still a long way ahead. I just have to savor my motherhood adventure one at a time. 
Oh, by the way, what I have featured here is my own version of macaroons. When I asked my husband about the taste, he said it's okay. Good thing he didn't witness all those burned part of my macaroons LOL

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