Monday, September 27, 2010

Racing Against Time

I often mentioned on my previous posts about how time flew so fast. Yes, I can still vividly remember how lonely our New Year celebration was, only me, my parents and huggy was there watching the fireworks display prepared by our neighbor (My Mom discouraged any fireworks to be initiated by us). My other siblings celebrated the occasion on their respective homes. Now, barely 88 days and its Christmas!  As I look back, I can only say that only few significant things happened, the rest were all the same from the other year. Well, I am still glad that God remains to be faithful that he sustained me throughout the years. It was still fresh on my memories that I moved to a boarding house near our school on the later part of January. On February, my huggy went back from Bukidnon for good. On March, my big sister left for Canada to join with her husband. On April, we had our Family Camp at CMU, Bukidnon, where I grew up. On May was the National Election. On June, PNoy was inaugurated as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Huggy turned 29, and I finally got hired as an Executive Assistant.  On July, was our Youth Month and it was my sister- in- law’s birthday. Also, I’ve been through a lot during this month emotionally. On August, it was Mom, Tatay and my only nephew’s birthday and some of my church mates.  I just turned 29 this month, and we just celebrated our church’s Thanksgiving and Anniversary and one of our church mates finally tie a knot…
As for the days to come, well, who knows what really lies ahead. We can plan, we can set our schedules but none of us are certain of the future. All I know is that, the year almost end and still, I can say that, I haven’t done too much and I do not know why. So many things have yet to be done… so little time to be able to accomplish it… Aren’t we racing against time?

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