Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Movie Marathon: HUGO

During my idle time, there are two things on my list, read books or watch movie. Let me share with you one of the movies that I’ve watched. The title is HUGO. The story revolves around an orphan boy named Hugo, who lives within the walls of one of the train station of Paris. In Paris, orphans are no allowed to roam around. They must be sent to an orphanage and this is one thing that Hugo feared the most. He does not want to go to an orphanage simply because there’s an unfinished task that his father left before he died and he wants to finish. His father used to fix clocks and somehow he learned the same skills. You will surely felt pity for this boy. How he survives from starving and how he escaped from the hands of the police officer is something that you should watch for. At the end of the story, you will see how Hugo changes the heart of a bitter old man and a discriminating station police officer who always runs after him. Hugo was able to unlock the secret of the bitter old man with the help of his adopted daughter and he was able to melt the cold heart of the police officer. You will surely love this movie!

To feed your curiosity, check for its synopsis.

Enjoy watching!

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