Thursday, March 11, 2010

Learning Piano...

Music has been a part of me since I was just a little kid. I love to sing and I love to play musical instruments. I tried guitar and I also tried playing keyboard. But there’s one musical instrument that I long to play but I just do not know how. It’s the piano. I always admired those people who are gifted enough with this kind of talent. I truly find them so amazing. Soulful music accompanied with piano will really penetrate down to our soul.

There are many piano lessons today offered within our locality but time at work is so in demand that I cannot fit piano classes on my schedule. Surprisingly, piano lessons can be learned through online! It is truly amazing for those who took the initiative of giving online lessons. IThanks to Miss Yoke Wong. Indeed, there’s no reason for those piano enthusiast like me not to learn since it was already provided. At  her website on, we can learn musical rhythm using online Piano Rhythm course. It has 296 rhythm exercises and more than 30 video clips available. With these, learning how to play piano wouldn’t be that hard anymore.


In they offer various course, from the newbie to the trainee. For me, the greatest challenges would be reading notes. Aside from beginners, they also offer special course for the composers. For those who do not have a daily access to the internet, they also offer a home study lessons at a very reasonable price. Piano lessons in DVD is also available for those who want to excel more in piano!

So pick your choice or better yet, visit their website right now for more info.

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aha ni dapit nimo na gets?hehehehe ayha pa siga suga here

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