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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TCP: The Count of Monte Cristo

Happy Tuesday everyone! Wow I'm back again... and I am joining the TCP for the week with it's BEHIND BARS theme...
What I am going to feature today is a movie which, for sure, most have seen this already... A story about friendship and betrayal and vengeance... Whew! Well, you just cannot judge the story unless you have really seen and understood the whole plot! The Count of Monte Cristo movie played by James Caviezel (the one who played the role of Jesus Christ in The Passion). This movie was once became popular in school that my colleague used to play this movie on his class and have his students write a movie review about it...
Here's the synopsis of the story:
"The Count of Monte Cristo" is Alexandre Dumas classic story of an innocent man wrongly but deliberately imprisoned and his brilliant strategy for revenge against those who betrayed him. Dashing young sailor Edmond Dantes (JIM CAVIEZEL) is a guileless and honest young man whose peaceful life and plans to marry the beautiful Mercedes (DAGMARA DOMINCZYK) are abruptly shattered when his best friend Fernand (GUY PEARCE), who wants Mercedes for himself, deceives him. Set up to be unlawfully sentenced to the infamous island prison of Chateau DIf, Edmond is trapped in a nightmare that lasts for thirteen years. Haunted by the baffling course his life has taken, over time everything he ever believed about right and wrong is abandoned and replaced by all-consuming thoughts of vengeance against those who betrayed him. With the help of an equally innocent fellow inmate (RICHARD HARRIS), Dantes plots and succeeds in his mission to escape from prison, whereupon he transforms himself into the mysterious and wealthy Count of Monte Cristo.
With cunning ruthlessness, he cleverly insinuates himself into the French nobility and systematically destroys the men who manipulated and enslaved him.
 Here's the trailer:

Hmmm... fantastic movie isn't it?
Consider this in your MOVIES-TO-WATCH list...
or you may grab a copy right here, right now


  1. i love this movie too! exciting yong plot na nakalabas sya sa prison and his mighty comeback so cool!

    mine's here:

  2. Napanood ko ito, pero di kko na halos ma recall, wahhhh..mapanood nga uli,..Hehehe...

  3. Love this movie. I like the plot, and his training with the rain water, so cool

  4. Oh yes! I saw this one and it was great! But the real reason why I got interested with this story was that I read from a book that it was one of Dr. Jose Rizal's favorite novels. I guess it's true...


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