Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just a Thoughtful Thoughts

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Our vacation to Bohol was never in vain. I got the chance of bonding with one of the most admirable women in the world, my granny. She's past 80 years old yet her hope and dedication as well as her faithfulness is beyond compare. Lola (our term for granny) and I may not share the same denomination, but her faith in God is so commendable. Despite her age, she managed to wake up as early as 4AM to attend the early mass. She never goes to church late. When the church is done, she willingly do the kitchen chores. You can never hear her complaining. She is, indeed, one of a kind. My Lola's well-being made me realize one thing. I can never be compared to her. I am her exact opposite. She's the lovable type. I really cherish the day with her. I am hoping against hope that I could go back in Bohol and see her. IF I have to ask God again, after granting my other prayers, it would be for my Lola's health. I am praying that she will live longer. I just so love this woman. My Lola is simply awesome and amazing!

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