Sunday, May 18, 2014

I am, the Legal Wife

Many have reacted, many have commented, many can really relate to the premier TV drama in ABS-CBN channel: The Legal Wife. Am not even a fan but when I was in Bohol, television is the only past time for all of us that is why I managed to watch the show for the whole straight week! Now I understood why many viewers hated the character of Nicole. As for me, I didn't hate her character, it's the husband's character that I hated the most and the mere sight of him really made me mad! Seriously, in a relationship, it is the husband's role to avoid any form of temptations because once they give in, everything will be shattered: the relationship, emotion, and personality. I cannot really say if I can still forgive him if, God forbid, I will be in Monica's shoe (the legal wife).

Legal wife is showing every night, Mondays trhough Fridays. Watch for more upcoming revelations.

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