Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Big Reality

There's one thing about myself that I need to accept- I am getting bigger and bigger and that's the big reality that I have to face. Honestly, I don't feel good about myself anymore. I do not know if stress can really make us big, I am almost on the verge of believing such thing. Honestly, I only have two pairs of jeans left that really fits on me, and I still have to give away all those other pants that won't fit me anymore. I know I need to lose a lot of weight, not only to feel good but to be healthy as well. When my Mom asked me if I want to go swimming, of course I said yes but at the back of my mind I realized that when I have to go swimming, I need to wear plus size swim wear already! Where else can I find extra large swim wears? I wonder if wearing a thing like on the picture here will looks good on me. I found this plus swim wear at Oh my, how to shred fats so easily, any suggestion?

Plus Size Swimwear Tankini
QuikEnergy Scoop Neck Princess Tankini
with Racerback

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